Kristy's Testimonial 

"Hilary recently did my hair and make up. From the before and after photos, you can see how incredibly talented she is. I felt so beautiful and couldn’t stop staring at my eyes ! I’m not great at doing my own makeup, so when I saw the final product I was blown away! But all that aside, it’s nothing compared to the experience. Hilary makes you feel so at ease, she talks to you, laughs with you, sings along to the music your playing. It was like hanging out with a good friend. She boosted my confidence long before even touching a makeup brush. Honestly, it’s more than just her insane talent, it’s her encouraging and kind soul that sets her apart from everyone else. I highly recommend Hilary to everyone I know, even the ones I don’t ! Thank you so so much for the incredible day, Hilary. You're amazing at what you do and I’m so blessed to know you!"

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